Candle Fragrances


Our candles have been hand poured and crafted to instantly take you to an ‘everyday’ moment. Those moments in time where you instantly take a deep breathe and when you breathe out your body just relax and the thousand thoughts in your mind just disappear. These moments are different for all of us and we have created scents to take you to the sea-side bliss or the perfect relaxing Sunday Morning or Friday night in on the couch.

The candle has been put through our intricate testing process to ensure it burns evenly, and will fill your home with the perfect amount of scent for your bedroom space, a little stronger in your bathroom and a soft scent throughout your open plan living space.



Coconut Water & Sea Greens

A perfect combination featuring the scent of coconut with touches of fruits and florals to take you back to that time when you were pool side. With a cocktail in hand.
On that well deserved holiday.



Ginger Lily & White Freesia

Clean sheets, house cleaned. Tick. It’s time to pour yourself a cup of tea & enjoy your home with the fresh blend of Spring florals. Lily & Freesia merge seamlessly to create soft a floral scent in your home.



Leather & Cedar

Pour a glass of wine and pick a cosy spot on the couch as you add instant warmth with the masculin combiniation of leather and cedar. Perfect for the nights you sneak in some, much needed, ‘you time’.



Aquatic Florals + Sea Grass

You will be taken on holidays to a seaside paradise as salty beach air blends with aquatic florals and sea grasses whilst a hint of beach flowers wrapped in coconut water, add a hint of sweetness.



It’s all in the details..



Our candle is 200g with an approximate burn time of 30 hours. Each candle has been hand poured with 100% Soy wax in Australia and tested to ensure you enjoy an even burn with the perfect scent to fill your home.

To ensure complete safety when enjoying our candles;

  • Burn for max. 4-hours at a time
  • Allow to burn to the edge of the vessel.
  • Keep wick trimmed to 6mm, trim before each use.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • To prevent fire, place on a heat resistant surface.
  • Ensure the wick remains centered.
  • Keep candles away from children and animals.
  • Glass may get hot.